Your Manifestation Wish List And How To Make One

When learning to use the Law of Attraction, it is important to begin prioritizing your desires.  Some desires may take months to manifest, while others take mere hours. 

By listing and prioritizing your desires, you can ensure that you are working to attract the most important things to you, versus wasting unnecessary time on things that can wait until later.  Let’s discuss creating your manifestation wish list so that you can begin working towards the future you wish to manifest.

 First, take a sheet of paper and divide it into four quadrants.  Label the top left “NEED, NOW”.  Label the top right “NEED, SOON”.  Label the bottom left “WANT, NOW” and label the bottom right “WANT, SOON”. 

Now begin mentally sorting through all of your current desires.  Some are things that are very necessary – money to keep the power on, wellness for a sick relative…  Put these in quadrant one.  Only write true needs on the top half of the paper – save all of your fun stuff for the WANT sections!

 Now here’s the deal.  There will always be new needs in quadrant one, and even in quadrant two.  Do not deal with quadrant two yet unless you really need to – wait until those necessities warrant moving into quadrant one.  Pick two items from quadrant one and one item from quadrant three, or “WANT, NOW”, and use these as the three items of focus in your next week of visualization exercises.  Try to do your visualizations once each day, but at least three times per week. 

 When you begin manifesting your desires, cross them off your list, make any adjustments (upcoming needs -> immediate needs, upcoming wants -> immediate wants) and additions to your list, and repeat the cycle.  If you find that one of your desires is taking a particularly long time to manifest, you can choose to persist until it does, or swap it for another and keep working at it. 

At least in the beginning, I recommend sticking to it until manifestation, to ensure that you don’t develop an impatient attitude.  Once you’re comfortable with your average time rate for manifestation, you will be better able to judge when a desire needs to be shelved until later.

 In time you will find that your manifesting abilities have grown enough to allow you to discard the list entirely.  Even visualization exercises will eventually become unnecessary. 

You will simply realize a need or a desire, focus on it briefly, and be able to give it all the energy it needs to come moving toward you.  That is the point of mastery these exercises are moving you toward – to become the conscious creator of your life moment by moment, day by day.

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