Raising Your Vibration With The Law of Attraction

We are beings made of pure energy, living in a world composed only of pure vibrating energy.  Quantum physics tends to point to the likelihood that we are living in a giant hazy wave of all-possibilities-at-once, which collapses into a solid state that echoes our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations as observers. 

By learning to raise our vibrations and keep them high, we will naturally experience a much more pleasant reality.  Let’s look at how to raise your vibrations so that the physical world that forms around you will mirror a high-frequency, loving possibility.

Depending on your rate of vibration, you will experience very different “versions” of your reality.  If you are vibrating at a lower rate, the reality you experience will be of a lower vibrational nature, which is generally the same as saying unpleasant. 

If you can learn to vibrate at a higher frequency, you will experience realities formed from this high-frequency fabric.  The higher the frequency, the nicer and smoother things will go for you, and the better your life will be.

So let’s start with our bodies.  What we eat has a profound effect on the vibrational rate of our bodies.  Meats and nasty, processed foods tend to lower vibration levels while healthier, vegetarian-based food causes your vibrational frequency to rise. 

Secondly, your state of mind has a large impact on your overall vibration.  Light, happy, pleasant loving thoughts come from a high vibration, while negative, fear-based thoughts and feelings come from a lower vibration.  By learning to vibrate positive thoughts and emotions, you will naturally raise your own vibrations significantly. 

If you can limit your food intake to healthy, organic foods most of the time and begin working on thinking positive thoughts more often, you will really get your vibration rising quickly.  This rise in vibration means that the circumstances you are attracting to yourself are going to be very positive and enjoyable. 

Finally, you can consciously raise energy in a meditation.  While meditating, draw energy up from the base of your spine and/or down from the crown of your head into your navel.  The navel center is a large storage bin for energy, and by directing energy there, generally through visualization, you can actually pull energy into yourself. 

As the navel overflows, it will fill the other storage centers around your body, and this will result in your feeling younger, more rested, and more vibrant.  Where do you think the term “vibrant” comes from?

These techniques will assist you in learning to raise your vibrations so that the reality that forms around you will be the one that you desire. 

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