How To Manifest Your Dream House

There are many things in life that can have an impact on your general well-being and/or happiness.  There are few things, however, as important as the place that you call home. 

Living in your dream house can make the difference between a content and an ecstatic existence.  Here’s how to manifest your dream house using the Law of Attraction.

First, obviously you must determine what your dream house is!  Is it large?  Small?  Expensive?  What style?  What furnishings?  Where is it located?  Feel free to lay it out as precisely as you would like.  How many rooms?  Is there a fitness room?  An indoor or outdoor pool?  Sauna?  And so on and so forth.

Once you have a good idea about your dream home, begin visualizing yourself living in it.  Do not visualize it separate from yourself, and do not view it without visualizing yourself living in it.  It does no good to manifest your dream house for someone else to enjoy – always paint yourself in that picture!

Make sure to spend as much time as you can, as many times as you can on this visualization.  Manifesting a home is no more difficult than manifesting a peanut, but our subconscious tendency is to view a home as a huge deal, and thus we may unknowingly make it harder.  Don’t worry about this – persist! 

There are many ways that you can work on visualizing this home.  Visualize yourself actually walking through the house.  Walk from room to room and see each room furnished and decorated the way you want it.  Stop to visualize taking a nice refreshing shower or bath.  Stand in front of the bathroom mirror and brush your teeth or comb your hair.  Take a dip in the pool or spend time planting your garden.

If you have an artsy bent to you, paint or draw pictures of your house from the outside and inside.  Hang these up so that you see them often.  This will serve as both a conscious reminder and a subconscious influence toward the manifestation of your house.  If you’re good with computer modeling programs, create a model of the house. 

Texture it and convert it into an image or series of images that you can use as a screensaver.  Any way that you can permeate your daily consciousness with images of your ideal home is helpful.

Finally, don’t be surprised when the opportunity arises for you to actually buy (or build) and move into your dream home.  If you invest enough time and energy into creating and enjoying the house of your dreams, it will manifest for you!  Then it is time to enjoy the fruit of your efforts.

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