How To Break Through Your Emotional Blocks

All of us, at one time or another, have dealt with some form of emotional blockage.  Most emotional blocks are the result of some type of crisis in our life. 

When we feel unable to deal with a crisis, we are besieged by feelings of fear, anger, confusion, anxiety, guilt, or inadequacy.  We lose our ability to think rationally about our problem and find a logical solution.

One way to begin working on blockages is to do some deep breathing.  We don’t breathe the way we should – we generally take very shallow breaths.  Breathe deeply, filling your lungs to the very bottom, and then release. 

If you spend a few minutes doing this, it will calm you down, make you feel better (perhaps a little dizzy the first time you try – this is normal), help stop your mental chatter and begin bringing emotional blocks to the surface for you to deal with.

Our external environment is reflective of our internal environment.  Look around your home.  Is it neat?  Sloppy?  Chances are you have a lot of clutter.  Our homes are filled with so many things that we really don’t need or even want.  In the same way, our minds are filled with emotional clutter.  There are so many bad and depressing thoughts that, for whatever reason, we have not let go of.

Understand, I don’t mean that you should dwell on past crises or traumas!  Quite the opposite – you should acknowledge them, forgive the situations or people involved, and release the block.  This will free up your energy, giving you more for your daily life and your Law of Attraction work. 

If you dwell on the bad things in your past, guess what?  You’re just attracting them again into your future.  This is why clearing out blockages is so important.  Get rid of anything negative and depressing.  Fill your mind with new, refreshing, interesting and happy thoughts.

Those who have had happy pasts are far more likely to have happy futures.  If you are not happy, you are likely clinging to events in the past that made you unhappy.  This may not even be a conscious process.  In fact, it’s almost surely not conscious or in any way intentional.  However, in order to bring happiness into your present and keep happiness in your future, it is important to let go of the past. 

It’s up to you to remove your emotional blockages.  When you remove these blocks, you create a vacuum in your life that has the ability to suck in quickly whatever you are currently attracting.  If you combine blockage release with Law of Attraction exercises, you will release a lot of negative feelings from your life while sucking your desires into manifestation.

If a stone in the road is blocking your path, you will either carry it and put it aside or you will roll it aside.  If neither of these options are feasible, you will find a way around the stone.  Likewise, some emotional blockages can be removed directly, while others need to be removed by finding away around them. 

Deep breathing exercises are an excellent way to rid yourself of unwanted emotional blocks without having to be terribly active in the memory. 

However you go about it, do work to free yourself of emotional garbage.  Any drudgework in the short run will pay incredible dividends in the long run.

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