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Attracting Love With The Law of Attraction

One of the most common desires that people want to attract into their lives is love.  In fact, love and money are right at the top of the list! 

Some people are looking to hook a specific person, while others just want to find a loving relationship with someone new.  The Law of Attraction is the perfect tool for attracting love, so long as you know hot to go about it. 

 For those of you who are most interested in attracting a particular person, I don’t mean to rain on your parade.  It is possible to attract someone specific.  There are many ways it can happen and many reasons it may work out.  But in the majority of cases I have witnessed, you are more likely to attract someone you don’t know yet who is ten times better than the person you are currently lovesick over. 

That’s actually terrific news, but I’m sure it will come across as a bitter pill.  Just trust the process – you will never regret whoever you do attract!
 Keep in mind that pushing your will on others is not a wise choice.  The universe has a tendency to balance things out.  If you attempt to force your will on another person, it is likely that someone else will begin forcing their will over you. 

Instead, make sure that you focus on the feeling of being in love; the butterflies in your stomach, the constant daydreaming, and the astounding amount of pleasure derived simply from holding hands.  When you visualize, use a generic person in your imagination.  If you are really hung on someone, you can use that person, but allow the energy of being with that person to be what’s important in your day dream, not so much that exact person themselves.

 Prop up on your bed, relax in a tub, or chill in a recliner.  Allow your mind to wander off, and daydream to your heart’s content about what it’s like to be in love.  Imagine walking hand in hand, kissing, engaging in your favorite past times, or just gazing into each others’ eyes.  Be as sappy and gooey as you want, or keep it silly. 

Make it a romantic comedy if you so desire.  If you have a warm, tingly feeling, and a desire never to stop the day dream, you are doing it right!

 If you make a habit of doing this for awhile each day, you will attract that special person into your life very quickly.  Do not be concerned with how long it takes – once it has occurred, looking back, everything will have been timed to perfection. 

Be patient and enjoy the process, and know that soon you will enjoy the manifested rewards…

Vibrating With Love The Law of Attraction

Love is the most powerful force in the universe.  In fact, energy, the building block of all physical reality, is nothing but pure concentrated love.  This love permeates every cell in every entity, but only by attuning to this can you experience it. 

Learning to vibrate with love is about learning to tune in to the blissful existence you can have throughout this lifetime.  Let’s discuss how you can learn to vibrate with love, in order that you might be able to attract and perceive all of the love that is around you.

There are many ways to open to the love vibration.  Some of the most powerful involve working with your heart chakra.  Before doing this, you may need to do some emotional clearing.  Meditate and do some deep breath cleansing, to try and work out any emotional blockages. 

You may want to do more chakra work if you need to, but if you feel ready, then simply meditate while focusing on your solar plexus or heart chakra.  Don’t move, don’t talk, and don’t think – just focus on your solar plexus.  There is a large chakra there which will help you to balance and begin raising energy.

If nothing happens, fine.  You may feel uncomfortable or uneasy.  This might mean that you have something to work out.  If you can remain in meditation and allow this to present itself to you, you can work through it. 

In many cases though, emotional blocks won’t be big enough to prevent you from working with your heart chakra, and heart chakra work is also helpful for clearing past emotional blocks.

In order to vibrate with love, you need to begin seeing the beauty and perfection in everything around you.  Spend a day treating life as though it were a big play going on around you for your benefit. 

Every little thing that happens, no matter how incidental, has been planned for you to see or hear or experience.  If you can stay in this mindset for even an hour or two, you will begin to find the beauty in things, and your heart chakra may begin to tingle.

The most usual way, however, to open the heart chakra to feel love is by raising energy through visualization up your spine and into your heart chakra.  You can do this while meditating, walking, running, working, driving, or almost anywhere. 

On your in breath, visualize white energy flowing up your spine and into your heart chakra.  On your down breath, imagine the white energy coming from above your head, down your spine, and meeting in your heart chakra.

When you get really good at this, you will be able to be aware of both the upward and downward movements of energy simultaneously.  This will allow you to raise energy into your heart chakra even more quickly. 

When you successfully open your heart chakra, you will begin to experience the feeling of pure, unfiltered, unrestricted love.  The more you do this, the more easily it will come to you.  Finally, one day you will find that you spend more time in this loving state that out of it.  Congratulations, you are vibrating with love!

Marriage And The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that we have the ability to attract into our lives the things that we desire.  When we manage to attract a mate, we must learn to share our life with that mate. 

That includes our time, our energy, our dwelling, our finances, and our dreams.  How does a marriage affect your ability to attract what you want, and are there any boundaries you shouldn’t cross when utilizing the Law of Attraction within a marriage?

Obviously, it is important to sit down with your partner and discuss the things that you need and want, and listen to the things that your mate needs and wants.  From that common ground, you can begin to develop a list of mutual goals to use for your Law of Attraction work. 

Your family, or at the very least your partnership, will require many things, and the more of these mutual desires you can attract, the more blissful your partnership will be.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t work on your own, personal dreams and desires.  You should both set aside some time to visualize your own personal wants. 

Together, yet individual is a good stance to take within a relationship.  Yes, in many ways you will merge, but in some ways you will always be separate.  It is important to respect and appreciate those things about one another that you don’t have in common.

As far as boundaries, perhaps the only thing to be cautious of is deliberately attracting something that you know is in opposition to what your partner wants.  If your mate loves living in Florida, but you attract a situation where you must move to Seattle, that’s not really fair to your partner.  Likewise, your partner should not attract things that go against your wishes. 

This may happen accidentally from time to time – if so, talk things over and let them go…

A marriage is about give and take, compromise and solidarity, yin and yang.  You must be willing to meet your partner halfway, but not sacrifice your own needs, nor expect your mate to sacrifice theirs.  This can be difficult at times, but the rewards for keeping balance are great. 

Bliss, happiness, love and joy in your current circumstances can be greater than frustration, unhappiness, and anger in a situation you originally thought you wanted to be in.  Make sure you agree and vibrate together, and your combined will can be an incredibly powerful manifestation device.

Whenever two energies merge for a common purpose, energy moves more quickly.  By working together with your spouse, openly and lovingly, you can very easily attract everything you both want and more in record time. 

Never underestimate the power of a committed, loving relationship from an energy perspective.  Just remember, always respect your partner’s wishes and expect the same in return.  Then your marriage will benefit from the Law of Attraction, and not suffer.

Love And The Law of Attraction

Attracting love into your life with the Law of Attraction is one of the most powerfully positive things you can do for yourself… 

Whether this is romantic love, the love in a good friendship, or even the love of your family, love in any form will brighten up your days and help you to manifest your higher intents.  Love is powerful, transformative, and can even lend a huge boost to your Law of Attraction efforts in any area.  Let’s discuss using the Law of Attraction to attract love.

Of course, what most of us think of when we hear the word “love” is romantic love.  You can definitely use the Law of Attraction to attract romance, or even a soulmate.  Just define the characteristics of what you want in your romantic partner and work on visualization sessions each day, imagining being with that person.  It doesn’t have to be a definite person, just make sure that the energy of a nice, relaxed love is there in your imaginings.

You can also attract friends, the type of great friends who will love you and who you will love, using the Law of Attraction.  Simply get some ideas of what types of friends you would like and create visualization sessions around imagining hanging out with a group of great friends.  Slowly but surely you will manifest great friends into your life.

You can also attract other supportive people, such as teachers, coworkers, bosses, and many other types of mere acquaintances who have a very good energy about them.  People who are filled with love will emanate that, and anyone emanating love around you will affect you positively.  Likewise, if you work on becoming more loving, you can also have a powerful positive effect on people you merely come within range of.

The most important thing about love is that it can be a very, very deep and transformative emotion.  When you find yourself feeling a great love for a person or a pet or something else, stop and become still.  Focus on the feeling and feel it as strong as you can.  See if you can pierce the center of it. 

Where is the love coming from?  Where within you is it centered?  Can you emanate it outward?  Can you attract more inward?  This exercise can help you to clear out energy blocks and become happier and more loving.

Good luck in your manifestations, and may you be surrounded with love in every aspect of your life.

Your Friends And The Law of Attraction

Friends are the most important people, besides family, who will ever touch your life or allow you to touch theirs. 

Finding great friends is one of the smartest moves anyone can make in this lifetime, and having friends will give you support, companionship, camaraderie as well as challenges. 

You can use the Law of Attraction to attract friends to yourself who will benefit your life and whose lives will be benefited in turn by you.  Let’s discuss how to do attract an assortment of great friends.

First of all, think of your top three passions.  Hobbies, games, business interests, or whatever – you want to choose your favorite three.  Now you can go about visualizing one friend who meets all three of these criteria (loves bowling, hockey games and electric guitar, for instance) or you can visualize one friend for each. 

Depending on whether you’d like one all-encompassing friend or several friends with different related interests, choose your visualizations accordingly.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to manifest just one friend who matches all of your interests – you can repeat the process again and attract a second, third, fourth, etc friend with the same basic make-up.  The sky is the limit, so don’t place any unnecessary limitations on yourself.

Next, pick an interest that you would like to learn more about.  Work on attracting a friend who specializes in that interest.  This can be someone who will teach you, help you along, and later work together on your selected hobby, game, business interest, or whatever.  Add this friend to your daily (or at least every two or three days) visualization exercise, in addition to the first one. 

Feel free to add as many friends of as many varying natures as you like when you imagine.  If you want to fill the room with friends you feel comfortable with, go for it!  It’s your life, and it’s your imagination, so manifest whatever you’d like.  The friends that you attract will add immeasurable wealth to your life.

Once you have finished manifesting all of the friends you want, you should have a feeling in their company that is quite like the feeling you imagined while visualizing them. 

This feeling of comfort, familiarity, and connection is the thing that will let you know when you make a new friend that this is someone you have attracted to yourself.  Appreciate the sign, open yourself a little, and say hello. 

If a friend in your life is dragging you down, is negative, or is not helping you to remain true to your higher self, simply stop focusing on them. 

Don’t think or stew about them when they’re not around, and do not give them too much of our energy or attention when they are around.  They will gradually fade out of the picture, leaving you and the friends of your choice behind.

Good luck with your manifestation efforts – may you attract all of the wealth that great friendships bring and more.