Attracting More Money With The LOA

So many people work so hard to make money only to find that, rather than create more money, they only create more work.

If we understand the Law of Attraction (that we get more of what we put our attention on), it only makes sense.

Our attention is on the work – on what we have to do to make money. But you don’t have to do anything, and in this infinitely abundant universe, you don’t have to make money; it’s already everywhere.

What’s more, those working so hard to make money are making money; they’re just not keeping it, or using it for the things they desire. “But I have bills. I have needs that must be met before I can spend on my desires,” the argument goes. The typical conclusion? “I simply need to make more.” So how do we make money to meet our needs and fulfill our desires?

Focus on the desire. One of the fundamental keys to attracting money into your life is, rather than focusing on the money, focus instead on what it is you want that money to help you do or have.

We already focus on money and work and meeting our needs, and look what happens. The Law of Attraction brings us money and work and meets our needs (we eat, we have shelter, and we’re not dead yet). Focus on that which we desire and the Law of Attraction will also bring us the means to attain it. It’s not an either/or situation; not in this universe, it isn’t.

On a spiritual level it can be argued that the only reason you don’t have the money for what you want yet is because either you haven’t seen yourself as having that desire fulfilled or you haven’t brought yourself into energetic alignment with its happening. Either that or you already do have the money for what you want here and now and your vision is just too clouded for you to see it.

Fear of scarcity and lack cloud our ability to recognize our current state of abundance. We’re so afraid of losing what we have or of not having enough for what we need that we cling to whatever we do have; we horde. This keeps us cut off from the free flow of infinite abundance that is our natural state. Our focus on scarcity and lack creates more scarcity and lack. Our focus on the little we do have keeps us having little.

Despite common misunderstanding, “Money is the root of all evil,” is not how the saying goes; it’s actually: “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Money is just a means to an end. Fixating on the means rather than the end is the error. That just keeps you locked in a vicious and exhausting cycle of pursuing endless means. The ‘end’ is just your current desires.

Are your desires evil? If you judge them to be so, then it’s your desires you may need to change. But chances are you don’t think your desires are evil. Removing the stigma you may have about money is a invaluable step in allowing money to pass through your hands.

Everything is in motion. Like water, like breath, like time – everything flows. Disengaging from the flow is the way to create and perpetuate and reinforce the illusion of scarcity and lack. Engaging in the flow is the way to attract affluence.

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