3 Tricks For Powerful Manifesting

Been using the Law of Attraction to manifest your desires?

Sometimes you need a little boost to really kick-start your newest desire and get it flowing into your life.  Luckily for you, there are three easy tricks to greatly empower your manifestation efforts. 

These tricks will help you to manifest more quickly and more consistently, and can be used time and time again for successful manifestation.

Trick 1: Get Your Subconscious in on the Plan

That’s right, your tricky subconscious is perhaps the most important factor in successful manifesting.  Until the subconscious accepts something as fact or as already manifest, it will not manifest for you. 

And the subconscious is very resistant to change!  The current thoughts are that it takes twenty one days of repetitive exposure in order for the subconscious mind to accept something.  However, once the subconscious mind accepts your desire, it will manifest very quickly!

There are many ways to get your subconscious working for, rather than against you.  First, you may want to try hypnosis CDs.  An actual hypnotist is not as good of an idea, as the subconscious flushes out new things every two to three nights, while you sleep.  So unless you are ready to go to your hypnotist every three days, it is just much easier to use a hypnosis CD each day.

Secondly, you can create manifestation posters to hang around your home.  Your subconscious will always register the items on the poster, and will become used to having them around.  Once the subconscious accepts the desires on your poster as present in your life, they will make a real appearance in your life.

Trick 2: Integrate Visualization with Daily Chores

The next trick is to not only visualize during your Law of Attraction exercises, but also while doing the menial tasks that you do so often throughout your day. 

While driving, resting, bathing, or even smoking, you can stop for a moment to reaffirm your current desires in a quick visualization or daydream.  As you compound this over time, these tiny slices of energy contribution can add up to a lot of energy!  And of course, energy is what brings about rapid manifestation.

Trick 3: Learn to Center and Meditate

This one may sound trickier or even easier than it is.  What you need to do is to sit very still, attempt to focus on your breathing, and interrupt yourself every time you catch yourself thinking and stop again.  By focusing on your breath, you can learn to stop your mental chatter. 

Once the mental chatter has stopped, your true energy and power can be utilized.  Learn to meditate, and then while meditating visualize.  This step alone will increase the rapidity of your manifestations tenfold.

These 3 tricks can be very powerful.  Use each of them together, and you will find success beyond your wildest dreams… 

Best of luck!

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